Review of the Chevrolet Colorado

In this segment, we will try to feel the exterior sector from the physical appearance carried by the Chevrolet Colorado specifications.

Review the Chevrolet Colorado

On the exterior, this luxury pickup made by Chevrolet does carry a design similar to that of its SUV, the Trailblazer. The similarity can be seen in every corner of the body.

First, when viewed in terms of design, it is clearly seen how the DNA of Chevrolet Colorado trucks that carry a distinctive American style also looks very clear on each side.

How come? Masculine characters with subtle details also appear to be combined so that they are able to display their strict character.

In more detail, we can look specifically one by one on each side. Starting from the front, this Colorado Chevrolet looks equipped with a masculine design headlamp that is equipped with LED Day Time Running Light technology. So, certainly able to provide bright and controlled lighting.

Where, the lighting on the headlamp is equipped with a sensor that can detect light conditions both at dusk and early morning, this Chevrolet Colorado headlamps will automatically turn on when it is dark and automatically turn off when there is sufficient light.

Then, stepping on the side, the pickup of these two cabins will also carry a design shape that has similarities to the Trailblazer SUV.

Where, the side design is made so proportional and modern, starting from the front fender to the rear door of the Chevrolet Colorado.

Likewise, the side skirts also appear to be longer and wider so that the impression of off-road cars is getting stronger.

In addition, it looks like the rear door is made a little different considering that the rear of the car is equipped with a large tub.

Then, at the rear, we can see how the two cabin Chevrolet Colorado provides a large tub that is very functional to support off road activities as well as touring long trips. On the other hand, it is also seen how the sporty-stylish design also looks so clear where there is an LED stop lamp that is also embedded in the rear body of the specifications of this Chevrolet Colorado.