Chevrolet Spark

Review of the Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet is not a brand yesterday afternoon in. This brand from the United States has existed since colonial times through the General Motors flag as its parent company. To meet the needs of urban cars, Chevrolet brings Spark to then market.

The Chevrolet Spark has been around since the first generation in. In the last generation, cars of this type of hatchback have an aggressive style to adopt the design of the Chevrolet Camaro’s muscle car. Spark also uses the latest generation of design language from Chevrolet, the Signature Dual Port Grille.

General Motors presents the third generation Spark in March 2017. So far, Spark is only included in the first and third generation editions, while the second generation absent into the country. All New Chevrolet Spark is only available in 1 variant, namely LTZ.

For the size of a city car, the price offered by the Chevrolet Spark is more expensive than other models made in Japanese brands. Spark is sold at Rp 200 million, while for Honda Brio or Suzuki Ignis has a price tag below.

Because the entry is the highest type, of course the Chevrolet Spark is equipped with a variety of the best features such as the use of projector lamps, DRL and fog lights. This makes the design of the Chevrolet Spark has a masculine and contemporary style.

Side features are also increasingly sophisticated with the presence of Low Speed ​​Forward Automatic Braking. In this technology, Spark can brake automatically when it detects an object in front of it with the possibility of crashing into it.

Chevrolet Spark Market Segmentation

Chevrolet spark plunged in the city car class with so many competitors. Spark has to deal with heavy competitors such as the Honda Brio RS, Daihatsu Sirion. Not to mention the Kia Picanto, Hyundai Grand i10x, Proton Iriz, to the most fresh Suzuki Ignis.

This means, the segment of the city car demand is so large because it is present for vehicles in urban areas. For this reason, Spark offers a better performance supported by the EC7EC LV7 engine with a 1.4 liter VVT capacity. The power generated by the All New Spark engine easily defeats any competitor.

In addition, the use of transmission without a gear alias CVT makes it easy for beginners who are just driving a car. The car that was the result of the Daewoo Matiz rebranding even had more prestige than its bold design. The character is powerful, agile, with an aggressive style suitable for teenagers and young souls who need mobility.

Chevrolet Spark Exterior Design

This car carries the style of design language Signature Dual Port Grille which is more aerodynamic and no longer rigid. The third generation spark has slimmer proportions and a variety of more aesthetic design touches. The hallmark of this design language has two grille parts separated by a logo.

The upper grille is used as the flow of wind into the engine, while the lower grille is used to flow cooling air to the radiator. The headlights already use the projector headlamp model following the LED DRL which makes the whole face show the masculinity.

The latest Spark profile is higher in the rear body and decreases dynamically to the front fascia, with the lower roof reducing the upright appearance. This lower profile decreases aerodynamic drag (wind resistance) and increases efficiency.

Then on the side, the curves of the body appear slimmer with tires closer to the fender giving a sturdier look. When compared with the first generation, this time the Spark has a longer wheelbase of 10 mm, and an overall height of the vehicle which is 45 mm lower.

Then for the rear, we are presented with the design of the taillights which are quite eccentric and look strange to some people. The wheels used are 14 inches in size with a crossbar 5, with the usual design because they are only monotone in pattern.

Chevrolet Spark Interior Design

All New Chevrolet Spark presents a pleasant atmosphere with good material and details on the side of the cabin. The dashboard display is okay to look at with the support of a 7 inch touch screen head unit, to the instrument cluster that looks modern.

The head unit has a touch screen MyLink system that has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Touch of Piano Black Accents and Ice Blue Ambient Lighting make the interior seem more elegant.

The roof design that is not upright makes the cabin more relieved, especially in the second row. The General Motors design team adjusted the height of the roof to the hip-point dimension in the seat to produce a spacious headroom. The interior design provides flexibility so that the sitting position is more pleasant, even though the Spark cabin is actually narrow.

Almost all parts of the dashboard to doortrim use plastic materials. This plastic dashboard extends broadly forward giving a fairly large windshield. On the steering wheel there are several adjustment buttons for adjusting the volume and menus on the instrument cluster.

The interior of the Chevrolet Spark has a comfortable seating configuration for 5 adult passengers wrapped in high quality fabric. The existence of a layer of fabric on the door trim can reduce the impression of cheap plastic material.

The unfortunate thing for the fourth generation Spark is the absence of a handle bar in the back seat. This is clearly difficult for passengers because they can not hold anything when the driver maneuver.

Engine Specifications and Chevrolet Spark Performance

The third generation Chevrolet Spark is arguably the next class because its engine capacity jumped 200 cc to 1.4 liters, so that the power goes up by 15 hp. The EC7EC LV7 engine with a VVT combined with a CVT transmission produces 97 hp of power at 6,200 rpm engine speed.

The engine character commonly offered by American cars is responsive power, and this is also present in the latest Spark. A 10 mm longer wheelbase makes Spark more enjoyable and stable maneuvering. However, Spark’s CVT transmission makes the initial pull feel smooth even though it tends to be heavy.

Specifically, the peak power in the Spark is in the middle rotation, making the city car more fun for highway cruising than exploring a traffic jam. When the car is speeding, Spark easily and unnoticed brings the speedometer needle to 100 km / h even if the gas is not trodden too deep.

To further produce aggressive performance, GM uses CVT with aux gear so that it gives the effect of a gearshift as in conventional automatic transmissions. When driving relaxed and the engine speed reaches 3,000 rpm, it will be simulated riding gear so the engine will go down.

The existence of this aux gear becomes much more aggressive while reducing the symptoms of ringing from the steel belt when kickdown. The engine speed will go up much faster as a downshift occurs when we kickdown.

Safety and Safety Features of the Chevrolet Spark

The presence of safety features such as ABS brakes, EBD, and most importantly, stability control on the Chevrolet Spark makes the driver remain confident when driving fast because it still feels safe. The existence of cruise control that makes long distance travel is not sore.

Unfortunately, more crucial features in such as electric folding mirrors or rear parking sensors are not available. Fortunately, the Spark safety features are now more complete, equipped with dual SRS airbags for drivers and front passengers.

Safety and safety features include:

– Dual SRS-Airbags

– Brakes: 4-wheel antilock, front disc / rear drum


– Hill Start Assist

– Electronic Stability Control

– LATCH System

– Theft-deterrent system: Engine immobilizer

– Tire Pressure Monitoring System

– Safety belts: 3-point

– Safety belt pretensioners

– StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System with Brake Assist

– Traction Control

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark as a compact car, offering easy and fun driving is the key. A longer wheelbase of 10 mm makes it more enjoyable and stable to maneuver. Unfortunately, the size of the wheels that are too small, 14 inches, slightly reduces feedback from the tire to the steering wheel.

Feeling of driving is more stable because the EPS (Electronic Power Steering) steering wheel character is not too light at low speeds. A slightly heavy steering wheel makes the feeling of maneuvering at high speed becomes much more fun than competitors in its class.

Spark engine capacity is now 200 cc larger than before, combined with CVT transmission produces smoother power transfers and more efficient fuel consumption. The engine character is smooth and is more suitable for cruising on toll roads rather than urban roads.

Now, General Motors as the holder of the Chevrolet brand has resigned from. GM has promised to continue to provide after-sales service for the next 10 years. But in the mirror of the Ford case, we should be vigilant about the after-sales service that can disappear faster than what was promised.