Chevrolet Orlando – The Best MPV Car With Complete Features

On this occasion, will provide information on the Chverolet car series that we will review, namely the Chevrolet Orlando. This family car is definitely one of the targets for automotive lovers, especially cars, who are currently looking for four-wheeled vehicles with a large passenger capacity and certainly have a comfortable ride. Besides being able […]

The advantages of Chevrolet Trax

Chevrolet trax is one of the vehicles that appeals to all consumers. Chevrolet trax is not owned by other models. namely a turbo engine that is powerful but still efficient in fuel consumption. Chevrolet users can definitely feel it when we see it. Its appearance is more stylish and modern marked by Signature Dual-Port Grille […]

Review of the Chevrolet Colorado

In this segment, we will try to feel the exterior sector from the physical appearance carried by the Chevrolet Colorado specifications. Review the Chevrolet Colorado On the exterior, this luxury pickup made by Chevrolet does carry a design similar to that of its SUV, the Trailblazer. The similarity can be seen in every corner of […]

Chevrolet Spark

Review of the Chevrolet Spark Chevrolet is not a brand yesterday afternoon in. This brand from the United States has existed since colonial times through the General Motors flag as its parent company. To meet the needs of urban cars, Chevrolet brings Spark to then market. The Chevrolet Spark has been around since the first […]

Chevrolet Trailblazer

Chevrolet Trailblazer The existence of the Chevrolet Trailblazer is inseparable from the long history of the Chevrolet Blazer in GM’s product line. The Chevrolet Blazer is one of the pioneers of modern SUVs that can carry many people and can cross any terrain. This tough character inherited by Trailblazer until the latest generation. Dimension Lowest […]

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